µLAN Switch

  • µLAN data and power switching
  • Compact and robust design
  • IP68 water and dust protected
  • Fast and easy installation


The addressable µLAN switch manages communication and power between the main branch and sub-branches of digital 1-wire µLAN sensor network. Thus µLAN master device can control multiple sub-networks without conflict and the overall network load and power consumption are substantially reduced.

E3103 is fully encapsulated into white epoxy compound and has three M12 industrial IP68 rated connectors. The outer connectors are used to extend the main µLAN line and the central one connects the local µLAN branch when selected.

The switch allows to build very flexible and complex 1-wire digital sensor networks with multi-level µLAN topologies. A system involving tens of branches and sub-branches and hundreds of sensors may be easily implemented, provided that the total length of the path, active at any moment, does not exceed 100 m.  

E3103 switch is fully weather and dust protected and complies with ATEX requirements for Zone 20 and Zone 21 installations in grain silos. The innovative design provides robustness and extremely fast and easy installation.