We make measurement convenient

Development and manufacturing of sensor-based detection, measurement and control instruments since 1991

Measurement and control of processes and environment variables

Markets we serve

Cooling and Refrigeration

Modern demands for environmental protection, international and local safety requirements, desire of enterprises to efficiently use resources and reduce manufacturing costs are forcing the Cooling and Refrigeration market to adapt...

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Commercial, residential and government structures must adhere to international and local regulations regarding people safety and environmental protection. Proper management of a building's internal processes...

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Food and Beverage Industry

Processing, production, storage and trade of food and beverage - each of these steps requires careful control and accurate measurement of critical parameters to ensure consistently high product quality...

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Maintaining basic and consistently accurate environmental conditions is critical in agricultural products storages and livestock farms to minimize costs, ensure harvested crops quality and...

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Process Industries

Creating safe working conditions and sustaining efficient plant management while conserving resources and lowering costs are essential and demanding tasks for process industries. Be it chemical or printing industry, paint or paper manufacturing...

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