Multipoint temperature probes
  • Range -40...+80° C or -55...+150°C
  • Length up to 60m
  • Flexible polyamide or PTFE tube
  • Up to 64 sensors
  • Temperature measurement in liquids

ET951 multipoint temperature sensors are intended for high tanks to measure temperature of liquids. 

Technical Data
Sensing element 1-Wire (μLAN interface)
Sensors number option up to 64 or up to 32
Measurement range -40...+80° C or -55...+150°C
Protection tube PA12 or PTFE
Outer diameter 10 mm
Length up to 10 m (standard)
Extension cable PVC or PTFE insulated
welded or with M12 connector (straight or angled)
Power supply 10...30 VDC (nominal 24 VDC)
Protection class IP68