Successful measurements in greenhouses

Successful measurements in greenhouses

Greenhouses are specially equipped rooms that provide an opportunity to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and other plants throughout the year. As a rule, efficient cultivation in a greenhouse requires the regulation of certain environmental conditions, namely Carbon Dioxide concentration, air temperature and relative humidity levels.

Carbon Dioxide

Being one of the photosynthesis elements, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) automatically becomes an integral part of plant growth. That is why the "CO2 fumigation" approach has become widespread in this sector. It involves the artificial maintenance of increased CO2 concentrations in greenhouses, which helps to raise yields, as well as improve product quality.

It should be borne in mind that too high level of Carbon Dioxide adversely affects plants, slowing down their growth. For proper dosing and process optimization, it is important to control CO2 levels by installing gas detectors.

When choosing gas detectors for greenhouses, it is necessary to take into account the constantly elevated level of Carbon Dioxide (up to 1100 ppm), which requires the use of special sensor technology. Evikon MCI meets these requirements by using reliable sensors with a lifetime up to 10 years for this application.

Ambient temperature and relative humidity

Temperature and humidity are equally important factors affecting yield and product quality. Therefore, depending on the type of plants, greenhouses are usually maintained at 24-32℃ and high relative humidity of 80-95% RH.

Optimum conditions are achieved thanks to temperature and humidity transmitters, which help to activate the ventilation, heating / cooling and irrigation systems in time.

Measurement problems you may face

However, constantly high humidity can damage the sensor. Consequently, this affects the lifetime of the measurement equipment as well as the accuracy of the readings.

As a result, this leads to economic losses due to poor quality yield and the cost of frequent replacement of instruments.

Evikon MCI solves problems

To solve the problems associated with high humidity, Evikon MCI has developed reliable gas detectors as well as temperature and humidity transmitters with a built-in heating element in a protected enclosure. This solution allows instruments to work in difficult climatic conditions and at high relative humidity up to 100% (with condensation).

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