HFC leak detection in refrigeration applications

HFC leak detection in refrigeration applications

HydroFluoroCarbons (HFCs) or "freons" are widespread refrigerant gases in the market today. They are often used in commercial and industrial refrigeration applications, such as refrigerated transport, ice machines, refrigerated counters, refrigerated vending machines, cold storages and warehouses.

Mainly used refrigerants in these applications include R-23, R-134A, R-404A, R-407A, R-407C, R-410A, R-417B, R-449A R-507, R-508A. These HFCs are not toxic as well as non-flammable under normal environment conditions (A1 safety classification). However they have high global warming potential (GWP), therefore HFCs / freons based refrigeration systems must comply with following safety requirements:

     EN378 Standard - installation of special measurement equipment like gas detectors;
     EU F-Gas Regulation - preventing emissions into the atmosphere.

Gas detection allows not only to comply with all regulations, but also to prevent the loss of expensive refrigerants and minimize costs of facility.

With Evikon MCI’s gas detectors you can measure both frequently used freons and more exotic mixtures.

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