Indoor air quality management

Indoor air quality management

Ensuring good air quality indoors is important for a comfortable and safe environment. That is why rooms must be well ventilated as well as Carbon Dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity levels must be controlled.

Elevated CO2 concentrations (more than 1000 ppm for an 8-hour workday) can cause weariness and reduced productivity.

It is also important to remember that Carbon Dioxide level is an indirect indicator of the amount of aerosols in the room, since both of them are contained in the air we exhale. As you know, aerosols can contain bacteria and viruses, such as Сovid-19.

Favorable indoor temperature range is 20-22 ℃ with a relative humidity of 30-60 % (depending on the season). Exceeding these values can create a favorable environment for bacteria, mold and dust mites, while lower levels can negatively affect well-being.

Monitoring of Carbon Dioxide concentration, ambient temperature and relative humidity levels with Evikon MCI instruments will help to control timely ventilation work and to maintain all the required parameters at the recommended level.