Being one of the photosynthesis elements, Carbon Dioxide automatically becomes an integral part of the plant's growth. That is why the “CO2 fumigation” approach has become widespread in this sector. It involves the artificial maintenance of certain CO2 concentrations in greenhouses, which contributes to higher yields as well as higher product quality.

However, it should be borne in mind that too high Carbon Dioxide levels adversely affect plants, slowing down their growth. For correct dosing and process optimization, it is important to control CO2 level by installing gas detectors.

Besides fumigation, temperature and humidity are also important factors that affect plant growth and health. Depending on plant type, greenhouses maintain temperatures 24 - 32 ℃ and a relative humidity 80 - 95%. Exceeding these ranges can negatively affect crop quality, so temperature and humidity levels must be constantly controlled using measuring equipment.

And while greenhouse climates are favorable for plant growth, they are often a problem for detectors and transmitters. Increased temperature, high relative humidity, fertilizer vapors - all this can cause incorrect readings and shorten the life of measurement instruments. Evikon MCI solves this problem with a protected enclosure and a built-in heating element, which helps the products to work in environmental conditions with relative humidity up to 100%.

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